Training Program for Frontline Administrators

During 1998-1999, the Ministry of Finance and investors requested ITIC’s assistance in the orderly development of Kazakhstan’s hydrocarbons resources. Kazakhstan had scored high marks for legislative reform but poorly on implementation and administration. As part of a plan to rectify this situation, the organization of specialized training for key personnel (officials, legislators, judiciary) involved in the fiscal regulation of the sector was determined. Consistent with its mission and in accordance with its founding (1994) Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation with the Kazakhstan Finance Ministry, ITIC proposed to officials and pioneer petroleum sector investors that they support a skills-based training program for "frontline" administrators which would introduce them to international industry practice. Officials and investors responded positively and the Kazakhstan Minerals Taxation Academy (KMTA) was created in 2000.

A long-term, systematic and operationally-orientated approach, regularly evaluated, was adopted in order to raise the professionalism of the fiscal administration. Unique to the delivery of the overall program has benefits "tripartite" structure, with official, investor and international expert participating concurrently in interactive mode. The overall objective is the application of internationally-accepted standards and practiceparticularly OECD guidelines and principles, in the fiscal regulation of the oil and gas sector, with training priorities in the areas of petroleum fiscal systems design and operation, VAT, tax audit and international taxation including tax treaties and transfer pricing. Since its inception, KMTA has provided 30 courses involving some 900 participants.

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