“I think the unique strength of ITIC is the ability to bring various tax practitioners and other stakeholders to passionately discuss tax issues." 
Dr. Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance, Republic of Ghana 

"ITIC's research, analysis, and conferences have helped us reform our excise tax regime and achieve positive budgetary results."
Mr. Justus Nyamunga, Deputy Chief Economist, Fiscal and Monetary Affairs Department, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Kenya

"ITIC is a unique NGO that continues to contribute to the sharing of knowledge of tax policy and tax administration experiences and developments across the globe through workshops and analysis." 
Dr. Parthasarathi Shome, Adviser (at level of Minister of State) to the Indian Finance Minister 


"We want to thank ITIC for bringing all parties together to discuss the critical tax issues of the future and help us develop a better mutual understanding." 
Dr. C. Rangarajan, former Chairman of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council, India

"For the past several years, my minister colleagues have participated in Asia-Pacific Tax Forum meetings, and we find the Forum very productive.… Thank you to ITIC for your leadership role.”
His Excellency Keat Chhon, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Kingdom of Cambodia

“(Your work helps us) to define problems and lay out ways of further perfecting tax legislation and establishing a favorable investment climate in our country.”
His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, President, Republic of Kazakhstan

“ITIC's very concrete work on the draft tax code chapters has been highly useful to the Ministry of Finance.”
The Honorable Sergey Shatalov, First Deputy Minister of Finance, Russian Federation

"I like the way ITIC works. They are not lobbyists or a 'national group' but they transfer best international tax practices."
The Honorable Nurlan Rakhmetov, former Vice-Minister of State Revenue and Vice-Minister of Finance, Republic of Kazakhstan

"The ITIC meetings provide a place for my colleagues to sit with the IOCs to clearly understand how contract regimes work in other countries."
The Honorable Dr. Azez Jafar Hasan, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Republic of Iraq

"As Libya looks to reform its policies to make it more competitive, it's important that we understand best practices in the region and around the world. We want to thank ITIC for this workshop to help bring us this knowledge."
The Honorable Dr. Abdulhafid Zlitni, Former Deputy Prime Minister, State of Libya

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  • ITIC’s initiatives are supported by more than 100 sponsor companies located around the world.
  • ITIC is demand-driven -- governments around the world seek ITIC’s expertise and capacity-building assistance.
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