Mr. Daniel A. Witt, President
Daniel A. Witt has been working to promote free markets and helping to lower the barriers to tax, trade, and investment in transition economies for nearly 30 years.

Mr. Blake Marshall, Vice President
Prior to joining ITIC, Blake Marshall advised Western companies on their investment strategies in Russia and the former Soviet Union, and assisted Russian/CIS firms in expanding their businesses into global enterprises.

Ms. Irene Savitsky
, Vice President

Irene Savitsky has lead responsibility and oversight for ITIC financial management, including budgeting, accounting, and reporting.

Ms. Diana McKelvey, Communications Manager
Diana McKelvey is responsible for the organization’s website content, design and maintenance, as well as all ITIC publications.

Mr. Brian Mandel, Program Manager
Brian Mandel has lead responsibility for ITIC’s programs in the Asia-Pacific and Africa region.

Mr. Travis Maiers, Program Manager
Travis Maiers has lead responsibility for ITIC’s programs in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Mr. Mukhit Akhanov
, President, ITIC Kazakhstan

Prior to joining ITIC in 1996, Mukhit Akhanov held several positions as a professional translator for gas pipeline construction projects in Western Siberia and Libya.

Ms. Fatima Aslan
, Azerbaijan Representative, ITIC Baku
Before joining ITIC in 1995, Fatima Aslan worked at the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan as the Protocol Assistant to the U.S. Ambassador.

Mr. Douglas Townsend
, Senior Advisor, ITIC London
Douglas Townsend is an ITIC Senior Advisor and the organization’s lead representative in the UK, in which capacity he coordinates ITIC’s regional initiatives in Eurasia.

Ms. Anna Skliarova
, Russia Representative, ITIC Moscow
Anna Skliarova directs all ITIC activities in Russia and engages with a broad range of stakeholders throughout Eurasia.

Mr. Ye Yint Aung
, Program Officer, ITIC Myanmar

Prior to joining ITIC, Ye Yint Aung worked as a Branch Representative for Myanmar CNMC Nickel, a Chinese-owned mining company.
  • ITIC provides objective economic analysis on a broad range of tax policies and reform initiatives in transition economies.
  • ITIC pursues a diverse issue agenda with broad geographic reach.
  • ITIC’s initiatives are supported by more than 100 sponsor companies located around the world.
  • ITIC is demand-driven -- governments around the world seek ITIC’s expertise and capacity-building assistance.
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