Travis Maiers joined ITIC as a Program Assistant in 2014. He has lead responsibility for ITIC’s programs in the Middle East and North Africa region, managing participation by government delegates and sponsors in ITIC’s annual MENA Tax Forum, as well as handling all logistical and administrative matters associated with the MENA programs. His previous experience at ITIC has also included program support in the Africa region. Over the past year, Travis has assisted in the organization of the following ITIC forums:

  • Sixth annual Middle East/North Africa Tax Forum, Doha, Qatar, November 2015
  • Fifth annual Middle East/North Africa Tax Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 2014
  • Africa Tax Dialogue, Arusha, Tanzania, July 2014
Travis is expanding his portfolio to support new ITIC initiatives in Brazil in 2015. Beyond the regional forums, Travis also provides operational support for a wide range of day-to-day management functions, including coordination with ITIC’s corps of senior advisors around the world, administrative issues and Board meeting preparations.

Travis received a B.A. in International Studies from American University in 2013.
Travis Maiers
Program Assistant

  • ITIC provides objective economic analysis on a broad range of tax policies and reform initiatives in transition economies.
  • ITIC pursues a diverse issue agenda with broad geographic reach.
  • ITIC’s initiatives are supported by more than 100 sponsor companies located around the world.
  • ITIC is demand-driven -- governments around the world seek ITIC’s expertise and capacity-building assistance.
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